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Cycling Holiday in the Sierra Morena

Cycling holiday in the Sierra Morena

Molino Rio Alájar is proud to be a part of this exciting opportunity to participate in a cycling holiday from the Sierra de Aracena province of Huelva to the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. This adventure is in cooperation with Cortijo las Navezuelas (Cazalla de la Sierra) and Casa Rural San Miguel (Zufre).

In total the challenge takes 9 days and 8 nights to complete with a total riding distance of 313 km. or 195 miles. The holiday is on offer from September to December 15th and from March to June 15th.

To participate the price, based on two people sharing, is 825 euros to include all accomodation along the way. Prices on an individual basis on request.

Route highlights

The cycle route takes in some of the most beautiful parts of Andalucía including the best known natural parks “Sierra Norte de Sevilla” y “Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche”. These protected spaces form part of the Sierra Morena, classified as a “Reserva de la Biosfera por sus Dehesas”, where much of the world renowned Iberican ham is grown on farms with acorn producing oak trees so important to the taste of the ham. We will pass through a variety of natural countryside full of differing vegetation and rock formations which are impressive.The main features we will see are the two forms of oak trees; holm oak which produces cork and the oak which produces acorns Also we will be passing through forests of chestnut trees and landscapes containing lots of rivers which criss cross the región.

Although we will see a great variety of interesting sights and scenes it’s worth highlighting the most important natural scenery that is part of the route. These include “Cascadas del Hueznar” (the Hueznar waterfall), the “Cerro del Hierro” (a 2 kilometre range of rugged mountains that were mined for their iron), the “Gruta de las Maravillas” (the caves in Aracena that are one of the most visited tourist attractions in the área and the “Peña de Arias Montano” (the national monument situated above Alajar made famous as a place of contemplation by the philosopher Arias Montano). At the same time on this journey you will have the chance to enjoy the outstanding gastronomy on offer in this part of Spain as well as the friendly local people to be found in the many towns and villages along the route where time appears to have stood still for centuries making them places both relaxing and beautiful.

This cycling route _has been carefully_ chosen as a great way to enjoy a biking holiday because it provides a variety of physical challenges but is still manageable as the journey is on tracks and roads that are in good condition and with little traffic.

Cycling programme

The holiday begins at the self catering cottages of Molino Rio Alajar in Alajar Huelva.

You will be welcomed by Monica & Peter Jan Mulder where you will stay in one of their well appointed cottages el Buho for the first three nights. www.molinorioalajar.com

The next two nights you will be based in the beautiful hilltop town of Zufre at Casa Rural San Miguel where you will be welcomed by Trinida. www.casaruralsanmiguelzufre.com

The last three nights you will be staying at Hacienda Las Navezuelas close to Cazalla de la Sierra.
Here you will be welcomed by the owners Luca and family. www.lasnavezuelas.com

The week will be arranged as follows:

Day 1

Arrive at Molino Rio Alajar where you will have your Welcome dinner.

Day 2

Following breakfast there will be a 10 am briefing by Peter Jan, the co-ordinator of the cycling holiday. He will provide your bicycles if you are renting and will explain the route together with all the documentation which will include GPS data, phone number for assistance and maps.

Your first circular cycling day starts at Molino Rio Alajar.

A circular ride taking in Almonaster la Real where you will have the opportunity to visit one of the oldest and prettiest Mosques in the region dating back to the middle ages.It is situated on a hilltop overlooking the town.Next you head on to Cortegana with its landmark castle and from there head back to Alajar. You will cover a distance of 55 km which is a ride of approximately 5,5 hours.

Day 3

This day you can choose between two routes with differing levels of difficulty.

Firstly the longer route which takes you from Alajar to Aracena via Galaroza, Castaño del Robledo and Fuenteheridos. A ride of 56 km which will involve about 5,5 hours in the saddle.

Or for feeling tired you can choose a shorter route which skips Galaroza and Castaño del Robledo.

This reduces the distance to 39 kms and should take 4 hours to complete.

Day 4

Takes you from Alajar to the hilltop town of Zufre via Aracena where you will have an opportunity to visit the famous Grutas de Maravillas (a system of underground caves)

This day cycling distance is 40 km and should take about 4 hours.

A welcomes dinner awaits you at the end of the day in Casa Rural San Miguel.

Day 5

A day to recupérate at Casa Rural San Miguel and have dinner in the historic town of Zufre.

Or for the more adventurous an excursión into the countryside on horseback is possible.

Day 6

After breakfast at 10.00 a taxi will transport you with your bikes to La Real de la Jara.

Here you will start your cycling day and will ride via the artificial lakes to Hacienda Las Navezuelas close to the town of Cazalla de la Sierra.

A welcomes dinner awaits you.

Day 7

A circular cycling day starts at Cazalla de la Sierra by via Via Verde, San Nicolas del Puerto, visit Cerro de Hierro by foot then return to Las Navezuelas.

Total distance is 49 km which should take you approximately 5 hours.

Your well earned dinner at Las Navezuelas.


Day 8

On your last day you make a circular route around Cazalla de la Sierra of approximately 35 km taking about 3,5 hours.

Here you ride first on the A432 and A421 for the first 7,5 km through the heart of the Sierra Norte, thereafter you follow an old train track and ride along the river Huesna to return to Finca Las Navezuelas.

Your last well earned dinner at at Las Navezuelas.


Day 9

There will be information available on the different transport options to your point of departure.
Click on bus or train to see timetables  for Seville.

The price of your cycling holiday includes the following:

  • 3 nights stay at Molino Rio Alajar in casita El Buho with a welcome dinner and three breakfasts.
  • 2 nights stay at Casa Rural San Miguel in a double room with a welcome dinner and two breakfasts included.
  • 3 nights stay at Hacienda Las Navezuelas in a suite with half board to include dinner and breakfast.


Luggage transport from Alajar-Zufre-Cazalla

Not included:

1) You will need to make your own way to the starting point of the holiday which is from Molino Rio Alajar.

From Seville you can either take the bus to Alajar  where  you will be met by someone from Molino Rio Alajar. Alternatively you can be collected by taxi from the airport  which will cost 135 euros for 2 persons including two bikes

2) Die Kosten für den Fahrradverleih inklusive eines Basis-Reifenreparatursatzes, wird mit 227,50 Euro pro rad und 8 tagen berechnet, abholen fahrrad ab endziel einschiesslich. Sie können den verfügbaren Fahrradtyp sehen (MENWOMAN).

3) Insurance against theft /damage and accidents. See rental agreement in the attachment.

4) Rent of a GPS will be charged  at 5 euros a day

5) Assistance or collection from the road will be charged at 1 euro  per km. which will be measured from the nearest point from either Cazalla or Alajar as appropriate.

6) Picnic lunch 15 euros per person  which will need to be ordered in advance.

THE CYCLING WEEK CAN ALSO BE DONE IN REVERSE, depending on the availibility of the accomodations.

Day 1 will be arrival in Cazalla de la Sierra
Day 2 & 3 the circular rides around Cazalla de la Sierra
Day 4 Cazalla-Zufre (drop off Santa Olalla – via Minas de Tuelar)
Day 5 Rest day
Day 6 Zufre-Alajar
Day 7 & 8 the circular rides around Alajar
Day 9 end of the tour.